Black Inventors, Crafting Over 200 Years of Success

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From the beginning of the oldest and greatest civilization – the ancestral link from the Africans in Kamit (Ancient Egypt) to their descendants who are now scattered to the four corners of the world – the world of creating, inventing and designing has always been a part of the experience of the African diaspora.

Keith Holmes, who specialises in research into inventors of African descent, says that over the last 500 years, Africans and their descendants in the Americas and other parts of the world have fully participated in the development of the world’s agricultural, business, medical and scientific innovations and inventions.

When citing inventors few books mention the accomplishments of inventors of African descent outside the United States. That list often excludes inventors of African descent from Africa itself, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Central & South America, Europe, Russia and the United Kingdom. That’s about to change, with the internet, access to library resources, and good communications being the key to unlocking the past The work of uncovering inventors of African descent has begun.

Holmes’ book “Black Inventors: Crafting Over 200 Years of Success” aims to set the record straight.

“I must acknowledge the work of Henry E. Baker an African American patent examiner who in 1913 published The Colored Inventor, a Record of Fifty years,” says Holmes. “That book laid the foundation on the inventions by Black Inventors. It was the first book to explore and cite the various inventions by people of color.”

Following in the footsteps of Mr Baker’s ‘The Colored Inventor’, the book ‘Black Inventors’, encompasses innovators and inventors of African descent from a global prospective. It identifies inventors of African descent from Africa itself, Australia, Canada, Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, Russia, United Kingdom and the United States.

This book gives the librarian, reader, researcher, student and teacher the opportunity to discover inventors of African descent from your country or state. It is an invaluable booklet that reveals information on inventors who until now have remained obscure and unknown.

Review by Belinda Raye
Edited by Allswell Eno

Black Inventors
Written by Keith Holmes
Published by Global Black Inventors
ISBN: 978-0-9799573-07

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